Friday, November 5, 2010

Jessica Szohr on Asos

Ahh, Gossip Girl.  My not-so-secret-anymore guilty pleasure.  Everybody has at least one, whether they like to admit it or not.  Embrace it, and don't be ashamed, unless of course it's the Jersey Shore, then I might have to judge...

At first, I was DVRing the show to check out the fantastic stylings of Eric Daman. I would literally fast forward through the show, and stop when I got to the outfits of the infamous BFF's S & B.  As I was admiring their wardrobe, I actually began listening to their conversations and decided: NO, I am definitely not getting into this crap.  Another show about teenage angst and promiscuity, but ooohh, the style.  Four seasons later, I'm addicted. 

Anyway, here is the November 2010 editorial of the gorgeous Jessica Szohr aka Vanessa Abrams from this new online mag I stumbled upon: ASOS magazine.  Great source, check it out.


"You know you love me. xoxo"

Source: Asos magazine

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