Tuesday, September 28, 2010


With a name like that, you don't know what to 
expect when you walk up those stairs.
Is it a sports bar? Not even close.
(I have actually heard this statement)

Sportello: Italian for counter service.
This is Chef Barbara Lynch's modern interpretation of a classic diner.

With it's sleek & minimalist design, it's an interesting blend of modern meets old school.  It has the feel of an italian bakery, but reminds you of a cafeteria.

Is it overpriced? Quite possibly.
Is the food even worth it? Most definitely.

 The menu also serves as your place mat, so incase you forgot what you ordered, or you wish you got a completely different dish due to entree envy,  it's right there for your viewing convenience.
Not everyone is a fan, but I personally love the hustle and bustle of an open kitchen.  It's a front row seat to the drama behind the scenes, and a rare chance to watch these talented folks execute their craft.
I find it elevates the dining experience to the next level.
 I used to think that when a restaurant served delicious bread to start, that was the introduction to an equally delicious meal.  Unfortunately, it's not a true statement.  Fortunately, it was a true statement at Sportello.  Here we have fresh Brioche served with sweet ricotta, fig jam & local honey.
 For our appetizer: we chose the Lamb Carpaccio with pickled pearl onion, saffron & sesame.
 For our main courses: here we have the Garganelli with octopus, tomato & garbanzo beans.  The pasta was cooked a perfect al dente, but to be honest, it could've used a bit more octopus.
 Here we have the Crescent Duck Breast with swiss chard, white beans & lemon.  The duck was so tender and cooked perfect, the swiss chard so flavorful, and the beans were a perfect starch.
Though the Figs & Cream and Semolina Pound Cake sounded so tempting, we were drawn to the simplicity of our chosen dessert: the Ice Cream Sandwich. It didn't hurt that it was a chocolate lover's dream. Chocolate gelato sandwiched in between a chewy chocolate cookie.  Highly suggested to channel your inner child and consume with your hands, it was the perfect ending to a meal.

If you plan on checking it out, I suggest you make a reservation. Please don't pull our classic but always unintentional move of walking into a restaurant on a Saturday night with no reservation and expect a table.

If you want to follow dinner with a night cap in a more intimate setting, you can always head down stairs to Drink.  Another Barbara Lynch concept for the Fort Point neighborhood. It was voted one of the Best Cocktail Bars in America by GQ magazine September 2010.

I didn't even mention Menton, also in the Fort Point, it was voted one of the 10 Best New Restaurants in America by Bon Appetit magazine September 2010 (I have yet to dine here, but stay tuned).

Boston's culinary talent, James Beard award winner, 6 concept restaurants under her belt,
Catering company, Cookbook "Stir: Mixing it up in the Italian tradition"

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