Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Independent Designer's Market Boston

As an advocate for all things original, Independent Designer's Market is just that.

Thanks to the creator, Kimberly Benson, you have the opportunity to meet local artisans and go behind the scenes.  It gives up and coming creatives a chance to showcase their unique designs and explain their methods behind the madness.

Here are just some of the beautiful creations from a few of the
amazing designers that I was fortunate enough to meet.

Words can't describe how amazing this woman is.  She is such a free spirit, filled with passion, and oozes out creativity which she clearly showcases in her very own steam punk neo victorian jewelry line.  

Everything is one of a kind.  When I tell you that you can't find it anywhere else, you can't.  She custom designs each one, and thrives on creating a unique piece for her clients.

For all those like me, always on the hunt for that 
original piece that no one else will possess. 
Treasure seekers, seek no more.

They're more than just a statement piece and a conversation starter.
It's as if each piece has it's very own secret,
you're intrigued and you need to know more.


Though his demeanor was tranquil, his jewelry was bold.  The pieces were displayed, reminiscent as if these magnificent little creatures were swimming in a sea of red and black.

With their clean sharp edges they can be easily mistaken for the weapon of a stealth ninja, 
but there's more than meets the eye. 
These pieces are much more delicate than they appear.

Not only does he design jewelry, but he is a brilliant artist,
and a metal smith.

D'nalel by Jaime Joseph
D'nalel, named after her own inspiration, her son Leland.

Not only does Jaime design hangbags,
but she also creates her own fabric!
(refer to above photo)
It doesn't get more original than that.

Her aesthetic is fun and playful, and she creates anything that inspires her; from funky yoga mat shoulder bags (be healthy and stylish) to curtain clutches to menswear inspired overnight totes.

Independent Designer's Market
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
41 Berkley St
Boston, MA 02116

Beginning September 18, 2010 - October 30, 2010
Every Saturday from 11:30am - 6:00pm

Starting November 6, 2010
They will be open Saturday & Sundays

For more info:

Treasure seekers, keep seeking.
Shoppers. Shop local.
Stay unique. Support original.  


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