Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fish Market

Fresh sushi.  Innovative creations.  Reasonable prices.
At Fish Market you get both Quality & Quantity.
Oh, and did I mention BYOB?  Nuff said...
OK, so I'm not exactly a wine guru, but I do know what tastes good...
and when friends from Eastern Standard recommend a grape to try, I try it.  
Gruner Veltliner

 Miso Soup
But why have plain Miso Soup, when you can have Spicy Seafood Miso Soup?
Filled with shrimp & scallops.  So good!
Truffling Tuna
Tuna & Tobiko swimming in truffle butter
Melt in your mouth. Perfection.
Clockwise: Uni (sea urchin), Sock eye salmon, Toro (fatty tuna)
Sake (salmon) and Maguro (tuna)
So fresh and so clean, clean...
Soft Shell Crab Maki
Soft shell crab, sweet egg, roe, cucumber,
avocado wrapped in daikon radish
Caterpillar Maki
Eel, roe, cucmber, topped with avocado
Foie gras with truffle sushi
2 words: Ridiculousness. Amazing.
What better way to end the meal than with
Deep fried red bean ice cream?
And what better way to end the night, than to grab a drink at Eastern Standard? 
Here we are in the Ann Corio lounge, one of my fav spots in the restaurant.

Fun fact: Ann Corio was a burlesque dancer and actress whose career began in the 30's

170 Brighton Ave
Allston, MA

528 Commonwealth Ave
Kenmore Square
Boston, MA


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