Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gallia Belgica

Old world cuisine paired with classic & American interpretations of Belgian style beers.

For the opening reception, we were served:
Brouwerji Duvel Moorgat - Breendonk, Belgium
Belgian golden ale, clean and crisp with lively carbonation

Here is the 5 course dinner, in order of how they were served and to follow the beer they were paired with:

Olive Oil Poached Arctic Char
Alyson's apples, Curry puree

Baby Tree
Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project - Holyoke, MA
Belgian-style "quadruple" brewed with dried plums, rich
spice and deep fruit through the nose and palette

Berkshire Pork & Lamb Terrine
Whole grain mustard, baguette
Allagash Brewing Co. - Portland, ME
Bourbon barrel-aged, belgian style tripel, spice & hop
notes balance with vanilla, coconut & mash

Hudson Valley Foie Gras Stuffed Vermont Rabbit
Wild mushroom ragout, sparrow arc potatoes
Sgt. Pepper
Cambridge Brewing Co. - Cambridge, MA
Saison-style ale with peppercorns, light earthiness
leads to savory and colorful ground peppers
Smoked Venison Saddle
Mustard spaetzle, winter greensRed Poppy Ale
The Lost Abbey - San Marcos, CA
Sour brown ale aged in barrels, acerbic wood and
vinegar highlight bright, sharp cherries
Pain Perdue
Braised fall fruits, cinnamon-maple cream

Barrel-Aged Autumn Maple Ale
The Bruery - Placentia, CA
Fall seasonal brewed with yams, maple and traditional autumnal spice,
aged in bourbon barrels, rich warming special occasion treat


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