Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Mall vs. The Market

Saturday 10.03.09

The Mall: The Natick Collection

Leave it to the unpredictable eastcoast weather to ruin the one weekend I have off each month. It's raining. But of course, one must find a way to keep entertained... and so I was off... to the one covered place most call sanctuary: the mall.

The enviornment: enveloped by mass production, over-priced merchandise, the cheesy walk way rug straight from the 70's, the food court, the mother's with their "I have a baby, I own the road, so get out of my way " baby strollers (you know who you are...), and the teeny bopper mallrats... OMG FML

The purchase: With the choice of buying something that everyone will have or buying an amazing piece that may just leave you bankrupt (i.e. Alexander Mcqueen black leather skull open toe ankle booties. Drool.) I chose neither. Leaving the mall with nothing to show, except a new iPhone :)

Final thought: Don't get me wrong, the Natick Collection has variety and a good selection (i.e. Nordstrom Shoe Salon... sigh). To be completely honest, if I were to never step foot into another mall again, I wouldn't miss it.

Sunday 10.04.09

The Market: SOWA South End Open Market

Today the weather is on my side; it's a sunny yet crisp afternoon. My favorite season for fashion: the fall. The perfect time to play with layers and accessorize... and that's exactly what I did. Pairing a long black tunic with my American Apparel leather leggings, I throw on my BCBG black & blue plaid oversized jacket, belted of course for the added volume. I throw on my deep red Mizmooz leather boots w/ military style button detail and last but not least, I accessorize with my yellow with splashes of turquoise necklace by Kazuri beads from Kenya.

"Kazuri, meaning small and beautiful in Swahili, is fair trade. It has handmade ceramic jewelry and pottery crafted in Nairobi, Kenya. It is a place of hope for single mothers."
(or just google: Kazuri Beads Kenya)

The enviornment: Surrounded by vintage, antiques, original pieces and one-of-a-kind artwork, organic foods, fresh baked brownies... (deep sigh of relief...)

The purchase: Artwork, vintage egyptian style necklace, and a gold w/ jade stones antique ring

"Boston's original weekly outdoor artisan market."
Final thought: If you love the challenge of the hunt, finding that hidden gem, add SOWA to your list of things to do and places to go!


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